Since trading started at various markets across London in June 2008, the response from people has been overwhelming. Customers come back to buy more, bring friends and family or just to say hello. Others come to show me how their wallet or cardholder is doing. It’s magical and I’m wishing now I had had the savvy to capture their appreciation and joy. It would have made for a good history of clajs. All is not lost though, for below are some comments people have kindly emailed over time:

“Hello Myra, how are you? We met you at closing time on the Greenich market last summer, bought a few card holders, still use them every day and had a nice talk together. You are a amazing person with wonderful  idees and products.”  
“Hi Myra I am really pleased with my card wallet, I really love the design and it’s amazing how you do it. I LOVE it!!!!!!! We will definitely come to your stall again for my dad’s  birthday present and for friends. xxx”

“Myra…your package arrived yesterday! thank you so much! my daughter will be beside herself! it doesn’t matter because it will be a nice New Year surprise for her. with the weather so cold (no snow yet), i will mail it off to her and make her day. who doesn’t love to receive mail and a gift as well? i am also keeping you in mind for future gift giving. these are lovely little works of art! thank you so much for your kindness. and I hope that you and your family have a very happy & healthy 2012!”


Lisa 01/12

“Hi Myra. Just wanted to tell you that I received the little London Mates.
Thanks I love them, hope my brother and boyfriend will aswell.A great christmas to you.”

Christina 12/11

“Hello Myra. The card holder has just arrived this morning. Awesome! And Serena was beside herself for joy! I’ll send you the pics in the next days. And thanks a lot!!! My best regards”

Carmelenzo 10/11
“Just got the cardholders, they are wonderful. Thanks.”


“Yes we got it Saturday before last I think. She loves the cardholder and is already using it.”
Sharon 09/11
“Dear Myra,
We received the ID holder yesterday and Jerome is very pleased with it. It can fit all his documents as you can see it on the enclosed pictures.
Many thanks and Best wishes.”
Chrystelle  09/11 

“Hi Myra,
Thanks for your email. The card holder’s great and all my friends want one now! I’ll send them your way. It’s also more than likely I’ll ask you to do another one soon.”

James 07/11

“Hi Myra!
Just wanted to let you know I received the London companion last week. I love it! Thank you so much and you’ll definitely be hearing from me again soon! :) Thank you again so much.”

Sabrina, USA 06/11

“Dear Myra, My wife and I recently bought two card holders from you at your stall in Greenwich Market, and we are so pleased with them, we would like to buy a couple of passport holders, as well.”

Gerald 04/11

“My oyster card holder arrived today!! Its great thanks.

Howard 03/11

“Thanks so much for the great card holders. We both love them, they look really good, and very sturdy”

Annie 03/11

“Thank you so much for my cardholder it is lovely, the map and colour is perfect thank you so much!”

Lynda 03/11

“Thank you for the prompt handling of my order. I have had one of your card holders for a while now and it hasn’t worn at all – the ones I bought are to give as pressies!”

 Mark 12/10

“Delighted to report we got the Little London Companion today – we have been snowed in for two weeks, no post, so we had to walk the couple of miles to our local post office to collect it, it’s really nice.”

Katherine 12/10

“I received it on Tuesday. It’s really beautiful, thank you very much!”

Elisa 11/10

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my card holder today and it is beautiful!”                                                                               

Stephanie 08/10

“I purchased a cardholder . . . it was not very long before I was kicking myself for not buying five of them.”

Ken 06/10

“ I love my oyster card holder, it is so gorgeous!”

 Bryony 06/10

“I love my little card holder so will come and raid your stall one sunday soon.”

Ainslie 03/10

“Thank you so much for the card holders which I received today they are brilliant.”

Julie 02/10

“The oyster card holders were a huge hit – my colleague bought 4!”

Tom 01/10

“I’d just like to express my absolute love for the oyster holders you make – I got one yesterday from my cousin for Christmas. They’re totally unique and absolutely gorgeous – they make the perfect little indulgence…. yet still make you feel just a little proud for being environmentally friendly!”

Rebecca 12/09

“I have bought several of your bus pass holders both for myself and as gifts – the best!”

Vivienne 11/09

“I noticed your lovely products today wondering around the market on brick lane and was very impressed.”

Peter 09/09

“I’ve been using my oyster card holder at work and I love it! Thank you!”

Robin 06/09

“Just dropping you a line to say I am happy with the product I bought from you today in Spitalfields.”

David 05/09

“I *love* it! I love the stitching and its unique crafted-individually-look. Thanks!” – Lucy, who lives in San Francisco and loves her new British wallet.”

Lucy 04/09

“For Mother’s Day, my husband gave me a little flower made by you…
It’s very very very nice and original. The idea is so… british!”

Marie 04/09

“I am located in USA, and saw your passport holders, which are quite lovely.”

Antonia 12/08

“I like it its really cool, I like the way you did the stitching and the colors and everything.”

Maxwell 12/08

“Thanks again for the Obama card holder – its a really fine item and I’m sure the recipient will be very pleased with it.”

Robert 12/08

“It’s such a great concept and so lovingly made and it shows in the final product. I think it’s fantastic.”

Sonia 12/08

“you have created something so unique and all the while being so kind to the environment (I love it!)”

Caroline 03/08

“I loved the design and received compliments from friends. In terms of durability 10/10, I used the london underground plastic wallet before and they were terrible! My best friend who is an artist absolutely loved it and I would like to buy one for her birthday!”

Victoria 01/08

If you wish to join in clajs fun, you can twitter (coming soon), email or come and see me. As time is short I may not be able to reply to everyone online (unless you have a specific question), but hopefully you will be content with being part of clajs journey and happy knowing your support is extremely precious.