It’s dynamic, exciting, robust, colourful, classic, glossy, matt.

It’s totally unique.

it’s recycled! now known as upcycled!

All products are made from clajs own patented recycled/upcycled material which is shower proof and robust.

This form of, what I used to call instant recycling, (now commonly known as upcycling) means no chemical process has been used in its construction.

clajs material is lined with organic fairtrade cotton and is coated with a British environmentally friendly varnish.

As clajs upcycled material is made from old carrier bags, clothing, discarded scraps, music sheets, maps and periodicals, no two products can ever be the same. Therefore all are unique and whichever one you choose will be exclusively yours. If it’s for a special person, then choose that special something just for them.

Interesting fact: the word upcycle has now officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. An entry I found in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary online goes as follows: upcycle: v. reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.


Are the products robust?


Do the plastic pockets inside certain products rip easily?

No. They are made from a strong plastic which has been developed and produced in Britain.

What are the products protected with?

With an environmentally friendly varnish which again is developed and produced in Britain.

Can my travel card (smart card) be read through the holder?


So I don’t have to open the card holder or take my Oyster card (smart card) out?


How many cards can I fit in each pocket of a (‘Little London Companion’) card holder?

People have shown us their Little London Companion full of many, many cards. However, we recommend 2-3 cards in each pocket maximum for the optimum longevity of your card holder.

How long do they last?

This is a tricky question. All clajs produces are extremely sturdy and made to the highest standard. So the answer has to be, it depends on how it is being used and by whom.

I would just like to say, someone came to my stall in Spitalfields on 11th April 2010 and showed me one of the very first card holders I made in 2007. She said she has used it ever since she was given it and is still using it now! Not sure they all last that long, but they are robust. And if you do have any complaints you know how to get in touch with us.

What happens if I get it wet?

Let it dry naturally. If it can be padded out with a bit of tissue then do so and then leave it to dry at room temperature. If it’s a brooch etc., again just leave it to dry at room temperature.

I’ve be shown both Little London Companions and brooches that have got wet in the rain or put through washing machines and survived!



So if you need to get in touch or you wish to join in clajs fun, you can twitter (coming soon), email or come and see me. As time is short I may not be able to reply to everyone online (unless you have a specific question), but hopefully you will be content with being part of clajs journey and happy knowing your support is extremely precious.