about clajs

Rich dynamic designs all created out of old magazines, newspapers, maps, music sheets, carrier bags, clothes and scraps of fabric. Clajs material is one of the most exciting recycled materials to have happened. It’s vibrant, robust and extremely versatile. And it’s exclusive to clajs.

a sample of clajs funky material

With a big nudge and masses of encouragement from my family, I started clajs in 2007. Developing the material was the first challenge.  The idea come much earlier in 1995 when as a mature student I started playing around sewing old newspapers together. My life then took a side turning and for the next 12 years I went and did something completely unrelated to the arts. But my passion and love of creating beautiful things out of discarded materials spurred me on to come up with this most vibrant recycled material.

After applying for the patent for the material I got to work on developing the products. Cardholders, handbags and jewellery came first. Since then with countless suggestions from friends, family, all my lovely customers and dedicated Tracey who comes and works with me from time to time, the product list just keeps growing. It grows faster than is physically possible to keep up with, but this is brilliant news and can only mean one thing, that the clajs journey is just beginning!

Tossing new business ideas around with my daughter Siân, getting long distant help and support  from my son Ryan, having enthusiastic people come work alongside me, receiving appreciative emails and being visited by lots of you time and time again are all things that contribute to  making this a fantastic experience. The whole clajs project has been, and continues to be the most stimulating and inspiring thing ever and being granted the patent was just brilliant.

Now as I sit every Monday morning surrounded by piles of discarded materials, others have kindly collected for me, my mind racing and my hands dancing across the mass of different colours, I know I’m just so lucky to be this content.

about you

‘Where shall I start?’ I hear you say. ‘Too many to choose from!’ ‘Which one should I get?’ ‘Colourful or classic?’ ‘Shiny or matt?’ ‘Glittery or plain?’ ‘Images or colours?’ ‘Oh… which one shall I go for?’

Ok, ok how about just savouring the clajs experience by browsing nice and slowly! But on the other hand, if you’ve got your heart set on something in particular, you better jump in fast! For once it’s gone, it’s gone, and you will never get another the same! Similar maybe, the same, NEVER!

Choosing might be hard, but shopping is easy, for you will only be able to place an item in your trolley if it is available to buy.  Please understand though due to the fact no two are the same, it is inevitable items may be bought faster than new items can be uploaded. If you are unable to buy an item, it could mean it has already been purchased by someone else. Our aim is to remove bought items within 48 hours of sale and replace them with beautiful new ones for you.

Happy choosing!!

about you and clajs

If you wish to join in clajs fun, you can twitter (coming soon), email admin@clajs.co.uk or come and see me. As time is short I may not be able to reply to everyone online (unless you have a specific question), but hopefully you will be content with being part of clajs journey and happy knowing your support is extremely precious.